Often times, I’ve found myself in a frustrating and time-consuming situation: I want to quickly review a topic I’ve read about before, but due to bad memory, I have to almost repeat the process of my first reading. This means wasting time on

  1. search the paper online (or my cabinet of printouts) and find an optimal version (e.g., recent and not behind a paywall);
  2. read the paper (mostly abstract and introduction) for about 15 minutes or even longer till I gradually recall the content and some old thoughts (occasionally valuable) in earlier readings;
  3. re-produce the network of related works (of course adding some new work that appeared after the last reading) by repeating 1 & 2, and finally reconstruct a mental picture of the state of art.

To save time for the sake of other fun stuff, I would like to maintain lists of annotated bibliography on topics that interest me. For each paper, you will find (a subset of)

I hope it will also be helpful to anyone who wants a quick navigation of some of the topics here. But of course, this should only be a jump-start for you to explore an area and distill the most relevant information effectively (an essential skill that every researcher needs to develop and master).

Read the guidelines if you want to contribute. Thanks to all current and future contributors!